The company Brochard.



The company's history throughout the years.

1946    Foundation of the company by M.BROCHARD Gabriel, with the first wains.

1972    Creation of the BROCHARD' society by M.BROCHARD Gabriel, joined by 2 of his sons: Denis and Gabriel.

1979    News buildings of 1300m³ and industrialisation of work.

1987    Creation of the SARL Brochard

1993    New name for the firm: BROCHARD CONSTRUCTEUR and new Manager: M.CORNU

1996    New factory of 3900m³ located in France, at Beaulieu sous la Roche, in the industrial area.

2006    Foundation of the research unit. International development of the firm, toward East Europe.

2011    Brochard Constructeur was purchased by Alain BELLION. The company celebrate its 65th birthday

2012    Foundation of Brochard POLSKA

2013    Launch of a new range called BLACK LINE

Research and development

Research and development

The research unit:

The conception of all products from the BROCHARD CONSTRUCTEUR's range is made on 3D conception software.

Material resistance software allows confirming the assembly.

The firm has at it disposal a commercial and production software: Clipper Industry.


Working tool

Working tool

Brochard Constructeur makes the items cutting on plasma cut-table high tech (2m by 6m). FOA software coupling with the 3D drawing software allows an efficient realisation of programs.

Folding is making on 2 presses which are controlled by a numerical gearbox (4m and 3m).

Items gathering is making in semi-automatic weld thanks to 4 teams of welders. All items are making according to the patterns.

A pain office is at the company's disposal with skim off the fat, phosphatation, paint unit and drying office.  

After sales service/quality

After sales service/quality

Before any material delivery, BROCHARD CONSTRUCTEUR tries the material out with tractors according to a control procedure, established by the firm.

Brochard Constructeur's firm also has an after-sales service which is at your disposal to answer your needs about unit items.

Our service is available to take action for reparations at home or in our workshop.