Forage box feeders and bale trailers range

Forage box feeders

Photo Forage box feedersPhoto Forage box feedersPhoto Forage box feedersPhoto Forage box feedersPhoto Forage box feeders
  • Lateral unloading trailer
  • Moving distribution slatted chain floor in PVC with tension adjustment: width 650mm
  • Conveyor control lever
  • 2 separate beaters located inside, diameter 600mm
  • 2 flat chains 8/10
  • Moving slatted floor in U shape 50/16; adjustable speed+changer/catch wheels
  • Lateral rear door
  • Front sign of visibility
  • Adjustable drawbar
  • Auger jack or clamp jack
  • Body in swedish Domex steel

Bale trailer

Photo Bale trailerPhoto Bale trailerPhoto Bale trailer
  • Body: width 2.40m with drop sides walkway
  • Swedish HLE steel (3mm)
  • Swing front of the body with axle on 1/2 tandem
  • 2 pushed, straight line, slanted or folding bale ladders - Height 1.80m
  • 2 front-back drums + 2 lateral drums
  • Hydraulic braking on each wheels
  • Lights

Options (feeders only)

  • Weighing


    Weighing option "harnessed" or "unhitched". Located before or after the drawbar, the load cell position is determined according to your utilisation.

  • Silage arm

    Silage arm

    Gearbox simple effect. An arm allows you to place your Equipment. On pivot, the arm moves out during the slope.

  • Folding sides

    Folding sides

    Sides on pivot You can increase the loading volume according to the loading tool.